COVID-19’s impact on the dietary supplement supply chain: How good are your supplier relationships, your forecasting, and your credit?

September 29, 2020

Panelists at Nutritional Outlook’s September 24 webcast described the effects of volatile market demand on dietary supplement supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How is COVID-19 impacting the dietary supplement supply chain?

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The COVID-19 pandemic threw consumer packaged goods markets into chaos this year. Whether toilet paper or hand sanitizer or even baking flour and yeast, products that were never before challenging to keep in stock suddenly became difficult for stores to keep on shelves. Dietary supplements were no different. Rapid, unexpected demand spikes upended supplement supply chains as retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers struggled to ensure continued supply of products and ingredients.

During a Nutritional Outlook webcast on September 24 titled “COVID-19 and the Dietary Supplement Supply Chain: Surviving Supply Chain Shocks Long-Term,” a panel of industry experts, including suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers, shared insights on the supply chain impacts they’ve experienced so far—and what they expect to see moving forward.

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