Responsible Herbal Sourcing

Love Herbal Remedies

Nuherbs® works with our partners to implement our “Ai Cao Yao” sourcing framework to consistently obtain and supply the highest quality Chinese herbs. “Ai Cao Yao” means, “Love Herbal Remedies”; constantly reminds us to treasure the gifts of nature and to use them responsibly.



ssess whether the herb can be harvested sustainably.


dentify the correct geo-authentic region for the botanical.


ollect the plant at the optimal time in its growing period.


bide by proper harvesting techniques to minimize waste and maximize potency.


ptimize processing methods to ensure safety and quality of the final product.


ield consistent results, thanks to a rigorous quality and safety system.



pply the right storage conditions for the herb to preserve its best condition.


bserve high standards in partnership, choosing only those who share our values.


Following this system enables us to practice responsible stewardship when supplying potent Chinese herbs. Sustainable management of geo-authentic growing areas is the key to continual availability of these herbs and the healthy lifestyles that they empower. In collaboration with our local partners, we are implementing a sustainable management plan for their botanicals. These valuable relationships also allow us to act as a bridge to the sources used by famed doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine throughout time. Follow our story to learn more.