Jade Dragon Classical Formulas

Jade Dragon® Classical Formulas are a curated line of the most popular Traditional Chinese remedies that are essential to the household. Jade Dragon® teapills are made by blending together the herbs in the formula, then slowly cooking the mixture in water.

This tea is simmered down into a concentrate, and later formed into small pills. This method is the traditional way that Chinese formulas have been prepared for thousands of years. What set Jade Dragon® Classical Formulas apart are:

Benefits of Jade Dragon® Teapills

  • Easy to swallow due to their small size and rounded shape.
  • Easy to understand instructions on packaging, with customer friendly labels.
  • Crafted from pharmacopeia grade herbs.
  • Rigorous quality & safety - each lot is tested for pesticides, heavy metals, & microbials.
  • Manufactured under stringent dietary supplement cGMP requirements.

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