Driving Sustainable Change: Unveiling a Path to a Net Zero Carbon Emission Future


In this episode of Herbal Explorations, Wilson welcomes Julien Gervreau, the Sustainability Director of Sensiba San Filippo. With his extensive experience in accounting, agriculture, and a passion for sustainability, Julien shares valuable insights on integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices into businesses.

Julien emphasizes the need for companies to understand the importance of transitioning companies into a more sustainable, zero-carbon emission future. From water scarcity and labor availability, to the impact of extreme weather conditions on crop quality, the conversation underscores the need for adaptive practices and responsible production.


1:20: The critical role accountants play in planning a sustainable future for companies.

4:40: Accounting for the impact with audited and validated results.

6:22: Increased scrutiny with Greenwashing and creating a transition plan to cut Carbon Emissions by 2030 and reach NetZero Carbon Emissions by 2050

11:20: Using ROI and a sustainable transition plan to Future-proof our companies and investments

12:59: Water quality, climate change, labor availability, and educating consumers to save agriculture

14:59: The impact of extreme weather events on the wine industry

16:15: Growers need to adopt a plan to maintain yields in our ever-changing climate

17:40: Changes in microclimates may impact the efficacy and profiles of future botanicals like champagne

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