Nuherbs Teapills Quality

How Teapills Are Made

The journey of our teapills begins in the specific fields and forests of China where each geo-authentic herb grows best. Then the plants are carefully harvested at the right time and dried to maximize their potency. After harvesting, carefully selected herbs are taken to the manufacturing facility where Master Herbalists supervise each step of the process.

The herbs that make up each formula are blended together and cooked slowly in water to yield an herbal tea. This tea is further simmered down to a concentrate, and then formed into small pills. This method is the traditional way that Chinese teapills have been prepared for hundreds of years.

Safety and Purity

We take extra precautions to make sure our facilities produce herbal formulas that you can trust. Nuherbs® teapills are manufactured at an Australian TGA GMP and US cGMP-certified facility in Lanzhou, China. All our herbal products are repeatedly inspected and tested at each level of production, in both China and in the United States.

Our factory is equipped with its own modern laboratory to screen each batch before it is allowed to leave. Laboratory testing of each batch guarantees that our teapills meet our rigorous standards for heavy metals, pesticide residuals, and levels of microbacteria. After many years of dual testing each lot and yielding no issues, we have transitioned to skip-lot testing in the United States.

Dosage and Delivery

We considered your needs when designing these teapills for clinical use. These teapills are larger than the standard size, reducing dosing from eight (8) to four (4) pills. Delivering more herbal medicine in fewer pills makes it easier for the patient to take, improving patient compliance. It also makes it easier for you to prescribe multiple formulas when treating a single patient, by reducing the number of pills a patient is required to take.

How Teapills Are Made

Laboratory Tested Formulas

“...Laboratory testing of each batch guarantees that our teapills meet our rigorous standards for heavy metals, pesticide residuals, and levels of microbacteria...”

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  • Made from verified pharmacopeia grade herbs.
  • Meets the formulation monograph according to the Chinese Pharmacopeia.
  • Tested for pesticide residuals using the USP 561 screen.
  • Tested for heavy metals.
  • Meet the standards of quality for other indices, such as pill size, color, water content, etc.

*Monograph standards are met where provided. Some of our formulations are not listed in the Chinese Pharmacopaie.

Herbal Times Teapills

Designed for Practitioners

  • Feature formulas that have been passed down in our family for generations.
  • Larger-sized teapills designed to decrease dosage and increase patient compliance.
  • Formulas that are commonly used long-term are also offered in larger quantity.
  • Wide range of clinical applications.

Jade Dragon Classical Formulas

Our Consumer-Friendly Retail Line

  • Feature attractive and easy-to-read labeling.
  • Classical formulas that have been used effectively throughout China for centuries.
  • Each formula lists both its Pin Yin and English names.
  • Traditional uses of each formula stated on label to aid in the understanding of Chinese herbal medicine.