How Brands and Manufacturers Move into New Delivery Formats

Gummies, tinctures, extracts…alternative delivery methods are want your customers want. 

But putting an effective therapeutic dose into such a small format is a challenge for most brands and manufacturers. 

In this video, Wilson and Suzanne discuss how to solve for the technical aspects of moving into new delivery systems.

If your company is exploring how to move into other delivery formats, and you are faced with challenge of getting all your key ingredients that new format, you want to watch this: 

Conversation Overview

  • 00:16: How hard is it to get a therapeutic does into a supplement?
  • 1:26: Are consumers getting the Doses they need in supplements?
  • 2:38: How do brands and manufacturers get to the right dose?
  • 3:14: Material, taste, and other technical formation considerations
  • 5:58: From bars to powders, all delivery systems have challenges. It’s important to understand them in all aspects of manufacturing
  • 7:50: You need find manufacturing partners that have technical expertise, but also an understanding of the phyto-components of the herbs and botanicals.
  • 12:15: The next frontier of supplements is large and small animals. 

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