Climate Change and Developing Sustainable Harvesting Practices

Sustainability begins with evaluating and understanding what is needed most to sustain and improve your supply chain.

1:30: What do you consider to be a sustainable herbal supply chain? What goes into those considerations?

4:30: Sustainability is about not causing detriment to the places you operate in. It also means you’re paying fair wages and people are making a livelihood.

8:30: Site selection is extremely important.

9:30: Case study on Sustainability and Licorice.

13:00: Risk Mitigation in the supply chain and having multiple suppliers to deal with climate change and other geo/political factors.

14:30: Developing New Sourcing Practices:

  1. Closed-Loop Supply Chain
  2. Diversification
  3. Source to Shelf

17:32: Climate change, changes in plant growth patterns, and plant/ingredient chemistry.

19:00: Do we need to carry larger quantities of ingredients to combat availability issues?

20:30: What to consider in long term storage and maintaining potency.

23:20: Planning long term crop availability.

26:00: Other Climate Change Considerations:

  1. Social responsibility
  2. Conservation on a global scale; implemented at the local level
  3. We all have to do better
  4. Investing in sustainability