Conservation, Preservation and the Work of FairWild

In this video, Wilson talks Anastasiya Timoshyna of FairWild. Tune in as they discuss:

Question #1: What I love about the FairWild standard is that it brings a rigorous and thorough framework to sustainability of wildcrafted plants, in particular, what we call MAP plants. Which are Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.

Question #2: What percentage of our herbs would you estimate are wildcrafted?

Question #3: Why is it important to have sustainable practices, with the increase in demand for medicinal aromatic plants?

Question #4: Why does Fairwild include a social responsibility portion in their plan?

Question #5: How do you think companies and brands can become better stewards of these natural resources? Can’t wait to have you back or a colleague of yours to do a deep dive on our FairWild Northern Schisandra project later this Fall, if all goes well.


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