Our Products

Our Products

The Most Comprehensive Selection of Chinese Herbal Products Available in the United States

nuherbs Co. is a leading distributor and wholesaler of Chinese herbal products in the United States. We distribute Herbal Times® Teapills, Jade Dragon® Classical Formulas, Herbal Times® Herbal Extracts, more than 500 Chinese herbs and powders, a wide variety of acupuncture supplies, and an extensive selection of the most famous Chinese Patent Formulas.

Herbal Times Teapills

Herbal Times® Teapills - Designed for the Practitioner

Herbal Times® Teapills are the only teapills on today’s market formulated and designed specifically for clinical use. With over one hundred different formulas available to choose from, practitioners have the variety they require when addressing their clients’ health concerns. To ensure higher patient compliance Herbal Times® Teapills are slightly larger than traditional teapills, reducing the dosage from 8-pills to 4-pills. In accordance with our high standards for quality and safety, our teapills are produced at an Australian TGA GMP factory and laboratory tested for contaminants. Click here to see a list of these products.

Herbal Extracts

Herbal Times® Herbal Extracts - Increase Your Herbal Flexibility

Herbal Times® Herbal Extracts increase practitioner’s flexibility by capturing the essence of bulk Chinese herbs without the space constraints of a full size herb pharmacy. This line of 5:1 full spectrum granular extracts are available in both single herbal extracts and formula extracts. Click here for a list of our single Chinese herb extracts or here for a list of formula extracts.

Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon® Classical Formulas

Jade Dragon® Classical Formulas is our line of popular classical Chinese remedies in their traditional teapill form and dosage. Created with beautiful, modern consumer friendly packaging, Jade Dragon® products have easy to understand names like Cold Harmony (Gan Mao Ling Wan), Digestive Relief (Kang Ning Wan), and Peaceful Sleep (An Mien Wan). Common names identify product information and formulations, for example “cinnamon” instead of “Rou Gui“. This friendly approach unravels the mystery of teapills, making Jade Dragon® Classical Formulas ideal for the waiting room, health food store, or your herbal pharmacy Click here to see a list of these products.

Premium Chinese Herbs - nuherbs® Herbs and nuherbs® Lab Tested Herbs

As the foremost distributor and wholesaler of premium Chinese herbs in the United States, we stock over 500 individual geoauthentic Chinese herbs and Chinese herbal powders. In addition to the premium Chinese herbs that nuherbs Co. has been distributing for over 20 years, we are proud to add nuherbs® Lab Tested Herbs, a full line of geoauthentic, preservative free, laboratory tested Chinese herbs and powders processed at a PIC/S GMP factory to our family of products. Click here for list of nuherbs Herbs and here for a list of nuherbs Lab Tested Herbs.

TCM Supplies

nuherbs Co. stocks acupuncture supplies, herb scales, mortars, pestles, and textbooks, more than 200 famous Chinese patent formulas, ointments, and other items that are difficult to locate in the Unites States. These products from top manufacturers complement our Herbal Times® Teapills Line. Selections include: White Flower Oil, Bao Ji Wan, Tiger Balm, Po Sum On Oil, yin-care herbal wash, and Bojenmi Chinese Tea. Click each item to see a list of product; Moxa, Topicals & Ointments, Needles & Clinical Supplies, and Reference Books,

Custom Services

nuherbs Co. offers a variety of custom services to its customers. Utilize our expertise and network of contacts through these custom services:

  • Custom herbal prescriptions (In 2008 we will add the ability to fill granular prescriptions to this service)
  • Milling of bulk herbs to powder form
  • Private labeling and custom orders of pre-blended formulas shipped directly to your manufacturing facility
  • Custom materials sourcing and brokering

For more information about our custom services, please contact Wilson Lau at 800-233-4307 or wilson@nuherbs.com.