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Teas & Infusions

TE1010 American Ginseng Tea (美國人參茶-100包)
100 bags
TE1020 American Ginseng Tea (美國人參茶-30包)
30 bags
TE1040 Ban Lang Geng Chu Jie (Cube) (Ban Lang Geng Chu Jie (Cube)) (板藍根沖劑-12方塊)
12 cubes
TE1045 Ban Lang Geng Infusion (Isatis Root Granule)
6/26/12 New packaging. Similar to TE1050. 15 bags. Contains white sugar
15 Bags
TE1060 Bojenmi Diet Tea - Loose (保健美茶(罐庄)-3.52安士)
Loose tea in a can
3.52 oz / 1 can
TE1070 Bojenmi Diet Tea - Teabags (保健美茶(茶包)-20茶包)
Tea bags in box
20 bags
TE1080 Chrysanthemum Beverage (Chrysanthemum Beverage) (菊花晶-10包)
10 bags

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