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Reference Books

TX0310 Shiitake, The Healing Mushroom.
Kenneth Jones
BP1135 Teach Yourself To Read Medical Chinese: Workbook And Guide.
Bob Flaws
TX0325 Terrains And Pathology In Acupuncture. By
Yves Requena
BP1095 The Book Of Jook: Chinese Medicinal Porridges, Alternative To The Typical Western Breakfast.
Bob Flaws
BP1155 The Lakeside Master's Study of the Pulse
Li Shi-zhen
TX0353 The Location Of Acupoints - State Standard
China Foreign Languages Press
TX0357 The Miracle Of Acupuncture.
China Foreign Languages Press
BP1060 The Pulse Classic: A Translation Of The Mai Jing.
Wang Shu-he
BP1080 The Secret Of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis.
Bob Flaws
TX0335 Treatise On Febrile Diseases Caused By Cold.
Zhang Zhongjing
BP1130 Treatise On The Spleen & Stomach: A Translation Of the Pi Wei Lun
Li Dong-yuan
TX0347 Treatment Of 100 Common Diseases By New Acupuncture.
China Medicine & Health Publishing Co.