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Reference Books

BP1070 Golden Needle: A 20th Century Chinese Master's Approach To Acupuncture
Wang Le-ting
TX0166 Grasping The Wind.
Andrew Ellis, Nigel Wiseman, and Ken Boss
TX0190 Handbook Of Chinese Herbal Formulas.
Him-che Yeung
TX0180 Handbook Of Chinese Herbs.
Him-che Yeung
TX0193 Handbook To Chinese Auricular Therapy.
Dr. Chen Ken and Dr. Cui Yongqiang
TX0203 Health Through Balance: Introduction To Tibetan Medicine.
Yeshe Donden
TX0205 How To Apply Face, Nose, Hand, & Foot Acupuncture.
L.K. Kho
TX0215 Illustration Of Acupuncture Point.
Haruto Kinoshita
TX0237 Illustration Of Channels & Points For Acup & Moxibution & Qigong.
Hunan Science & Technology Press
BP1150 Insights Of A Senior Acupuncture.
Miriam Lee
TX0239 Intro To English Terminology Of Chinese Medicine.
Nigel Wiseman and Feng Ye