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Reference Books

TX0138 Diseases Of The Colon And Rectum.
Him-che Yeung
TX0145 Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies.
Leon Hammer
BP1005 Dui Yao: The Art Of Combining Chinese Medicinals.
Philippe Sionneau
TX0156 Essential Chinese Formulas (225 classical & modern prescriptions organized by clinical category)
Jake Paul Fratkin: First printing Feb 2014
TX0155 Essentials Of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturists
Chen You Bang and Deng Liangyue
TX0157 Extraordinary Vessels.
TX0160 Five Elements And Ten Stems.
Kiiko Matsumoto and Stephen Birch
BP1020 Fulfilling The Essence: Chinese Treatments For Female Infertility.
Bob Flaws