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Reference Books

BP1075 A Compendium of Chinese Medical Menstrual Diseases.
Bob Flaws
BP1160 A Handbook Of Tcm Patterns & Their Treatments.
Bob Flaws and Daniel Finney
BP1030 A Handbook Of TCM Pediatric.
Bob Flaws
BP1115 A Handbook Of Traditional Chinese Dermatology.
Liang Jian-Hui
BP1015 A Handbook Of Traditional Chinese Gynecology.
Zhang Tingliang
BP1000 A Study Of Daoist Acupuncture.
Liu Zheng-Cai
TX0055 Acupuncture Case Histories From China.
Chun Ji Rui with Nissi Wong
TX0045 Acupuncture In Practice.
Luc DeSchepper
TX0345 Acupuncture in the Treatment Of Children.3rd Ed.
Julian Scott & Teresa Barlow
TX0046 Acupuncture Meridian Theory & Acupuncture Points.
Prof. Li Ding
TX0330 Acupuncture Treatment Of Pain, Inner Traditions.
Leon Chaitow
BP1085 Aging & Blood Stasis: A New TCM Approach to Geriatrics
Yan De-xin
TX0081 Anatomical Atlas Of Chinese Acupuncture Points.
Shangdong Science & Technology Press
TX0074 Atlas Of Therapeutic Motion For Treatment & Health.
Sun Shuchun
TX0082 Between Heaven & Earth: A Guide To Chinese Medicine.
Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold
TX0086 China's New Needling Treatment
Medicine & Health Publishing Co.
TX0095 Chinese Acupuncture And Moxibustion.
China Foreign Languages Press
TX0098 Chinese Family Acupoint Massage.
Wang Chuangui
TX008A Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies.(2nd Edition)
Dan Bensky, Randall Barolet, Andrew Ellis, & Volker Scheid
TX0088 Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica (3Rd Edition)
Dan Bensky, Steve Clavey, Erich St
TX0091 Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines: The Clinical Desk Reference.
Jake Fratkin
BP1090 Chinese Medical Palmistry.
Zong Xiao-fan & Gary Liscum
BP1110 Chinese Medicinal Teas.
Zong Xiao-fan & Gary Liscum
BP1025 Chinese Self-Massage Therapy.
Fan Ya-Li
TX0135 Close To The Bone: Acupuncture Treatment Of Musculoskeletal Disorders - 3rd Ed.
David Legge
TX0137 Cupping Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine 2nd Ed (Cupping Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine 2nd Ed)
IIkay Zihni Chirali, Foreword by Julian Scott