We've Launched NuTraditions® Hello Dreams™ Sleep Strips and Good Morning Sunshine™ Coffee Pods

A sleepless night with his toddler gave Traditional Chinese Medicine herb supplier Wilson Lau the idea for NuTraditions, which has launched two products formulated to deliver a good night’s sleep and adaptogen-fueled energy to get through the day.


Hello Dreams Strips with Melatonin & Calm Down™ TCM herbal blend in fast acting, individually wrapped strips help people fall asleep, sleep better, and awake restored. Good Morning Sunshine™ Coffee, in recyclable pods, contains fair trade coffee infused with the right amount of Organic Red Ginseng; the coffee gets you going, the adaptogens keep energy up throughout the day. The ingredient company Nuherbs, owned by Wilson Lau and his mother, has been known for decades to foster sustainable sourcing of TCM herbs from their long-standing partner farmers and wildcrafters in China and around the world, whose values are aligned with Nuherbs. They are also known for strict quality measures, which extend to the ingredients in NuTraditions products. 


Their unique extraction customization capability enabled this novel delivery of an efficacious dose of herbs in a small format. Life is stressful, especially now, and people are anxious. They can’t sleep, which is why this supplement product category is growing exponentially,” Wilson said. “There are dozens of sleep supplements on the market, with a common complaint: the difference isn’t noticeable. While market-leader melatonin helps people fall asleep, many people wake up an hour or two later. Convenient Hello Dreams utilizes melatonin to help people quickly fall asleep. The TCM herbs then help them sleep well and longer, so they can face the day ahead rested. Just try it, it truly works. Hello Dreams Sleep Strips have a minty herbal taste as they begin to melt on the tongue before swallowing. Packaging and products are the best-in class, and lowest environmental impact possible, while maintaining product quality and freshness.

Coffee is the most consumed beverage for US adults. People rely upon it, but too much coffee impacts sleep. Good Morning Sunshine Coffee, in either Colombian or Guatemalan, is fair trade coffee infused with a potent dose of organic Red Ginseng extract in just the right amount to get you through the day. Red ginseng, a traditional adaptogen, is known to fight fatigue and provide immune support. After carefully considering options, NuTraditions chose Keurig® brewer-compatible pods. Yes, this surprised them too, but they found each BPA-free pod allowed delivery of an exact amount of red ginseng extract, an important consideration for delivering an effective dose. As the environment is top of mind for them, they did additional research on the impact of the packaging to ensure the product was sustainable and safe.  Simply peel off the label and rinse to recycle. The boxes are made from 75% post-consumer waste and can also be recycled.


Download the Hello Dreams Case Study Here: https://www.slideshare.net/lauwilson/nutraditions-hello-dreams-sleep-strip

Download the Good Morning Sunshine Case Study Here: https://www.slideshare.net/lauwilson/nutraditions-good-morning-sunshine-case-study


About NuTraditions

NuTraditions believes there's a secret to harnessing your day and night, a secret rooted in the ancient herbal wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, combined with high-tech formulations and modern convenience. Founded by Wilson Lau, the third generation of the family-owned company NuHerbs that is leading importer of Chinese herbs, NuTraditions respectfully follows the tradition of the herbs and their intended uses, updated for modern needs and convenience. https://nutraditions.com