How the Institute for Botanical Research Furthers Evidenced-Based Naturopathic Medicine

In this episode, Wilson talks with Bill Chioffi of Ric Scalzo Institute for Botanical Research.

In it, Wilson and Bill discuss: What the institute is and what its mission, and Wilson asks:

Currently, herbs depending on the level of research and claims that it seeks to make can be classified as a Food, Drug, or Cosmetic, which are all regulated by the FDA. A example of this is Vitamin C can be classified as a drug, if it’s delivered at the proper levels and you use a claim that it helps treat scurvy. Is the Institute looking to develop botanical drugs, dietary ingredients, or where is the core focus?

What is the importance of the herbal supply chain for the research that you do? How do you think climate change will impact herbs, where they are grown, and their chemical profiles?

Nuherbs had the pleasure of working on several potential botanical drugs and the rigorous qualification and quantification process involved. What are some take key learnings that you think we can adopt in the dietary supplement spaces with regards to dietary ingredients?

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