Herbal Times Price Increase

Thank you for your continuous support of Nuherbs Co. It has been a few years, since we raised the prices for our Herbal Times® Teapills, while our competitors have increased the prices of their teapills. Due to the increased cost of herbs, regulatory compliance, business overhead, and importation cost, we have no choice but to raise the prices of our Herbal Times® Teapills followed by the Jade Dragon® Classical Formulas in a couple of weeks. The increase is a culmination of putting off increases for the past few years. In order to help ease the transition from the old prices to the new prices, we would like to offer you an one time 20% coupon for Herbal Times Teapills by using the promo code: HBTM20 during checkout. This coupon will be valid until July 15, 2019 and may not be combined with any other discounts or specials. Sorry for all the inconvenience. Once again, thank you for your continuous support. 

Nuherbs Team