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Teapills Quality Control

Herbal Times® Teapills & Jade Dragon® Classical Formulas

Stage One: Herb Selection

The Purest Herbs Selected from their Indigenous Regions

Quality Control #1

Upon arrival at our factory, master herbalists inspect the herbs to determine that they are of the correct species and part of the plant. If the herb is one of 500-plus listed in the Chinese Herbal Pharmacopoeia, the chemical analyses listed in the pharmacopoeia will be used to confirm the identification, ensure potency and to test for active constituents.

The herbs are then washed to remove any dirt or debris.

Quality Control #2

Prior to processing, raw herbs are randomly sampled and inspected to ensure that they meet our strict quality control criteria before being blended into formulas.

Stage Two: Herbs are carefully blended into formulas

Quality Control #3

After the formulas are made into pills, each batch is inspected for consistent shape, color, and texture. Pills that fail this test are destroyed. The moisture content and dissolution rate are also tested—to ensure your patients get the full dosage they take.

Quality Control #4

Officials from the People’s Republic of China’s equivalent of the U.S. FDA regularly inspect our factory. Random samples are taken and examined by Chinese Government laboratories for safety.

Stage Three: Bottling & Labeling

Laboratory Testing #1

Each batch of our formulas is tested by our factory’s laboratory to protect against heavy metal and microbiological contamination. They also test for any known dangers such as Aristolochic Acid.

Laboratory Testing #2

The Import-Export Bureau of China randomly tests Herbal Times and Jade Dragon pills for heavy metals and microbacteria


Laboratory Testing #3

Independent American laboratories examine each batch of Herbal Times and Jade Dragon for pesticides. After testing each batch for heavy metals and microbacteria for the past six years, we have now moved to random testing to ensure that the Chinese laboratories results are accurate. We also use certified independent laboratories to test formulas containing herbs listed on FDA watch list for Aristolochic Acid.