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Lab Tested Herbs Quality Control

nuherbs® Lab Tested Herbs

nuherbs® Lab Tested Herbs are an industry first, providing you with the herbs you prescribe most, combined with stringent testing for unparelleled safety for you and your patients.

It all starts at the source: Geo-Authentic Herbs

We gather the best herbs from their indigenous regions to ensure that the proper climate, soil and water crucial to the content of active ingredients are present, as most herbs indigenous to one region cannot be properly grown in another. Our herbs are wild crafted or sourced from 52 GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) Farms when possible. The source of the herbs will be indicated on the COA (certificate of analysis).


In addition to geo-authenticity, we harvest at the proper time of the year to maximize the active ingredients’ potency.


A Master Herbalist macroscopically examines the herbs to ensure they are the proper species and grade of herb that we desire, and that the herbs are from the highest quality of its species. Extra steps such as TLC tests and microscopic tests are also taken. The 2005 Chinese pharmacopoeia and European standards for each herb is the guideline that we employ.


All herbs are furthered processed according to traditional techniques at our PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation / Scheme) GMP Certified Plant to ensure the highest effectiveness and decrease the potential of side effects. The GMP quality assurance system protects the whole manufacturing procedure, and documentation ensures that every step of manufacturing is traceable. Products are chosen randomly from each lot for testing.

Herbs are carefully hand-sorted before packing to check for impurities. In addition, we have developed our own protocols and cutting styles, enabling us to specially slice some of the herbs to release their most active ingredient. Moisture is well-controlled to prolong shelf life without the use of any preservatives like sulfuring and nitrogen dioxide.


Each batch of herbs is dual-lab tested by our in-house lab and independent third party lab. Our in-house lab is equipped with instruments such as a high performance liquid chromatograph, moisture determination meter, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, etc.

In addition, the following additional tests are performed:

  • Microbacteria
  • Pesticides - over 200 pesticides tested for (Uab 2000 screen).
  • Heavy Metals - Lead, Mercury and Arsenic

Packaging and Storage

Processing and storage standards make the difference in preserving the quality of our herbs. Our herbs have a shelf life of 24-36 months. Our natural herbs retain their freshness and quality without added preservatives. Special measures are taken to store the herbal materials to maintain their optimum required conditions for humidity, temperature and protection from light.

Herbal Database

Our herb database contains over 600 herbs, listed by Latin name, Chinese Pinyin name and English name.