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Herbal Extracts Quality Control

Herbal Time® Herbal Extracts

Stage One: Herb Identification and Selection

The Geo-Authentic Herbs are Properly Identified and Selected from their Indigenous Regions

Quality Control #1

Upon arrival at our factory, Master Herbalists inspect the herbs to determine that they are of the correct species and part of the plant. If the herb is one of 500 plus herbs listed in the 2005 Chinese Herbal Pharmacopoeia the chemical analyses listed in the pharmacopoeia will be used to confirm the identification, ensure potency and to test for active constituents.

The herbs are sorted, washed, and agitated according to a specific protocol for each herb.

Quality Control #2

Prior to processing, raw herbs are randomly sampled and inspected to ensure that they meet our strict quality control criteria before being blended into formulas.

Stage Two: Extraction

The herbs are carefully combined to create the formula. After foreign materials are meticulously removed, the ingredients are processed according to the traditional processing techniques required by the formula under the strict supervision of our Master Herbalist.

They are carefully combined and cooked together in a vat, during the extraction process, the temperature, pressure, fluid level are carefully monitor to ensure that all the constituents of the herbs are captured resulting in a full spectrum extract.

Stage Three: Concentration

A low temperature extraction process is used to minimize the potential damaging effect of high heat processing. During the concentration process the essential oil which are captured and preserve in the extraction process are added back (reintroduced) later in the granulation phase to ensure that all herbal constituents remain in our full spectrum extracts. This results in the natural fragrant bouquet that you smell when you open a bottle of Herbal Times® Herbal Extracts.

Stage Four: Granulation

The liquid extract concentrated using low temperature, low pressure evaporation concentration process is use to create the 5:1 full spectrum extract, than it travels to fluid-bed spray drier that sprays the liquid onto a drying bed to create the concentrated granules. During this process, a flow agent made from corn-starch is added to maintain the stability of the granules. All the granules are than measured to ensure consistency in size, color, and appearance to ensure the best possible product.

Stage Five: Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing #1

An array of test are used on every batch produced that is associated with the lot number.

A variety of methods measure potency by substantiating the presence of active ingredients. In addition, we perform heavy metals (lead, mercury, and arsenic) and microbacteria screens (E. coli, salmonella, and various other possible bio-contaminants such as molds and yeasts). We also test for any known dangers such as Aristolochic Acid or for regulatory compliance such ephedrine alkaloids.

Laboratory Testing #2

The Import-Export Bureau of China randomly tests Herbal Times® for heavy metals and microbacteria.


Once the product arrives at our warehouse, we randomly sample the extracts to ensure that the Chinese laboratories results are accurate.