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Clinical supplies

We carry a wide variety of Chinese medical supplies, including many items that are difficult to find in the U.S. Please click to see a full selection of needles, moxa, cups, mortars & pestles, seven-star needles, herb scales, and many other traditional supplies.

We carry the following brands of needles:

Patent & Topical Formulas

Patent Formulas are ready-to-use herbal remedies popular in China for hundreds of years. These remedies are excellent, especially for use when traveling, or for common ailments like upset stomach when using an herbal tea may be inconvenient.

We carry over 300 formulas – the largest selection available in the United States. In our catalog you will find favorites like Yunnan BaiYao, Pe Min Kan Wan, Xiao Yao Wan, Passwan, and hundreds more. Please see our online catalog for a complete selection.

Topicals & Ointments are also essential to the Chinese Medicine cabinet. We carry a wide variety of patches, balms, oils and sprays, such as Po Sum On oil, Dragon Balm, Ching Wan Hung and Golden Sunshine brand.


nuherbs co. stocks titles covering the entire spectrum of Oriental Medicine: herbs, formulas, acupuncture, diet, Qi Gong, internal medicine, philosophy and more. For a complete listing, consult our online catalog.