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nuherbs® Herbs

Our herbs:

nuherbs co. was born because of our family's inability to find the quality of herbs that we required for our retail store. Throughout our 27 years in business, we have always been extremely conscious of:

  • Geo-authentic herbs: Herbs sourced from their indigenous regions to ensure that the herbs are grown under the right climate for maximum potency
  • Proper identification of herbs
  • Highest quality of herbs available
  • Ensuring the proper processing techniques are used for each herb
  • Protecting the purity of our product

Now you can select nuherbs® Lab Tested Herbs or our nuherbs® herbs

nuherbs® Lab Tested Herbs

In an effort to improve value to our customers, nuherbs co. now offers nuherbs® Lab Tested Herbs. These geo-authentic herbs are wild crafted or sourced from one of 52 GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) farms when possible and processed at a PIC/S-GMP (Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation/Scheme - Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.

Why nuherbs® Laboratory Tested Herbs?

Through better sourcing and processing, nuherbs co. hopes to ensure the sustainability and consistency of the herbs that we provide lot to lot. By using herbs sourced in a sustainable method, processed under rigorous GMP standards, the quality of the resulting product will be consistently potent.

Addressing Your Safety Concerns

We understand that one of our customers' greatest concerns is safety. That's why nuherbs® Lab Tested Herbs are tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial elements.

Core Advantages

By using nuherbs® Lab Tested Herbs, you can rest assured that you are not only buying the highest-quality herbs, but also the correct laboratory-tested herbs. Every herb in this line - in addition to being identified by our Master Herbalist macroscopically - will also be chemically identified when the means to do so is provided in in the 2005 Chinese Pharmacopeia.