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Herbal Times® Teapills

  • Designed specially for professional practitioners!
  • Classic formulas proven safe and effective through hundreds of years of use.
  • Laboratory tested in China and the U.S. for safety and purity.

How Herbal Times® Teapills Are Made

Our Herbal Times® formulas get their start in the regions of China where each herb grows best. Then the plants are carefully harvested and dried to maximize their potency. After harvesting, carefully selected herbs are taken to manufacturing where master herbalists supervise each step to see that our family's treasured formulas are carefully followed.

Safety and Purity

We take extra steps to make sure our facilities produce herbal formulas you can trust. Herbal Times® is manufactured at our Australian TGA GMP-certified facility in Lanzhou, China. Herbal Times® formulas are repeatedly inspected and tested at each level of production, in China and in the United States. Our factory has its own modern laboratory to screen each batch before it is allowed to leave the factory. Each batch is tested for pesticides in the U.S. and randomly to verify the results for heavy metals and microbacteria.