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Herbal Times® Herbal Extracts

Formula and Single Herb Extracts

Our complete single Chinese herb extract line increases your flexibility and accuracy by allowing you to tailor our traditional formula extracts to your patients’ specific needs and to create your own custom formulas. Now you can use Herbal Times® Traditional Formulas in an extract granule form and adjust dosages, add Dui Yao combinations, or create your own favorite formulas.

Our 5:1 full spectrum extracts are produced at a state-of-the-art facility, yielding a standardized granule size with aromas and colors consistent with the original herbs, while maintaining all of its constituents. The unique technology utilized creates a more water -soluble extract than those utilizing older processes, resulting in smoother dissolution.

nuherbs Co. subjects Herbal Times® Herbal Extracts to the some of the most stringent testing standards in our industry. Every lot is produced at a U.K. B.R.C. GMP certified factory and tested for heavy metals and microbacteria, so you can be assured of you or your patients’ safety.