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Needles & Clinical Supplies

AA0400 Moxa Spoon (Moxa Spoon)
Spoon size: 2 inches long, 1.75 inches wide; handle length: 5 inches
1 pc $4.00           
MO1115 Multi-Function Therapy Tool (Multi-Function Therapy Tool)
A Multi-Function Tool developed by Golden Sunshine for Acupressure, Guasha, Reflexology, and Massage.
1 pc (brown) $22.00           
AA1150 Needle Disposable Container - Large (Needle Disposable Container - Large) (棄針容器-大 (2 Quarts))
2 Quarts (11"x6"x4.5") $4.90           
AA2300 Needle Disposable Container - Medium (棄針容器-中 (1 Quart))
1 Quart (3"x3"x6.5") $3.60           
AA2215 Needle Disposable Container - Small (棄針容器-小 (1 Pint))
1 Pint (3"x3"x3.5") $2.85           
AA2400 Needle Disposal By Mail (Needle Disposal By Mail)
Sharps Recovery System-2 Gallon. The complete bio-hazard disposal system includes : A sharps bio-hazard container-max weight 17 lbs. A U.S Mail postage pre-paid return box. A protective 3ml red bag liner. Complete instructions. A 4-part simplified Tracking Form
2 gal $80.00