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nuherbs Co. would like to thank everyone that made the 2007 nuherbs® Scholarship Program possible, especially our wonderful customers for supporting nuherbs Co. and the values that we stand for, the judges, the applicants, and the participating schools. The moving essays written by the three scholarship recipients are available for viewing below. To participate in or to find out more about the 2009 scholarships for students of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, please visit the 2009 nuherbs® Scholarship Program homepage.

2007 Participating Schools

2007 nuherbs Co. Scholarship Recipients:

  • nuherbs® Scholarship; $2,000
    Micheal Ishii, Pacific College Oriental Medicine, New York School
  • Herbal Times® Scholarship; $1,500
    Joseph Davis, Academy of Chinese Culture & Health Sciences
  • Jade Dragon® Scholarship; $1,000
    Karen Litton, Daoist Traditions

2007 nuherbs Co. Scholarship Judges

Dr. Dan Bensky: Director and co-founder of the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Bensky’s newest book co-authored with Steven Clavey and Erich Stoger, is the Chinese Herbal Medicine Maeria Medica 3rd edition, one of the most respected sources regarding Chinese herbs. In adition to authoring his own books Dr. Bensky has co-translated several prominent TCM texts.

Dr. William Morris: President for the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin, Texas and President Emeritus of AAAOM. Dr. Morris currently serves as the. Recognized as an expert in Chinese pulse diagnosis Dr. Morris also serves as the chair for the Accreditation Commission and as a member of the Commission’s Doctoral Task Force.

Dr. Angela Tu: President of National Federation of Chinese TCM Organizations and Executive Vice Chairperson 2007 Congress of Traditional Medicine to be held this November in Singapore. Dr. Tu is a highly experienced educator and TCM and western medicine practitioner with over 40 years of professional experience.

Mr. Wilson Lau: Vice President of Sales and Marketing, nuherbs, Co. Mr. Lau is responsible for reinstating the nuherbs Co. Scholarship Program. He is currently writing a series of articles regarding the newly released American GMPs and their impact on acupuncturist and practitioners to be published starting this fall.

2009 nuherbs Co. Scholarship

To be eligible, you must be a current student with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 and attend a participating school. The 2007 participating schools are listed below. If your school is not participating, please encourage them to participate, so you can be eligible for these scholarships. To find out more about our 2009 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Scholarship program, click here.