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The nuherbs Story

nuherbs co. was founded in 1979, as a family herb store Oakland, California’s Chinatown by Dr. Bing Yin Lee. Bing Yin’s interest in TCM began at an early age, when a fatal case of typhoid fever nearly ended her life. Bing Yin was saved by the treatment given her by a practitioner of TCM, and was inspired to study traditional medicine as a career.

Over the years that little store has grown into a leading importer of Chinese formulas and raw herbs. In spite of this growth, we remain a family business guided by our belief in the advancement of Chinese medicine in the United States and the world. By thinking as healers first, and business people second, we have maintained the trust of our clients for two decades.

We know that every decision we make affects the health, safety, and trust of practitioners and patients, and we honor this through our commitment to only offering you the finest products available.

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Our Family’s Mission

To enrich the lives of people all over by providing access to the highest quality TCM products as well as the finest education based on generations of family knowledge, which will help them live a healthier, more balanced life.

The nuherbs Vision

To advance the practice and acceptance of TCM in the United States by holding ourselves to only the highest standards of effectiveness and safety and exalting the unparalleled benefit of TCM through our commitment to education.